Epic Dinosaur Bubble Gun!

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1) You need to read the email sent after purchasing for your code and locations to collect your bubble gun and party!
2) If you (or someone you know) don't collect your bubblegun on the 23rd March, it will be donated to someone else who wants to party.

Introduction to your amazing new DINO BUBBLEGUN!
As a Public Happiness Activist for the past 7 years i have bought hundreds of bubble guns, and i can tell you without a shadow of doubt that this one is without a doubt the best one i've ever seen, and it's not even a close contest! 

Here's why:
#1 It's a Dinosaur Bubble Gun! It opens its mighty jaws, roars, sparkles with LED lights AND has a (mild) lazer pointer in the mouth so it gets even more fun in the evenings! It's just insanely cool!!!

Not only are you getting a super sweet Bubble Gun, but also a street dance party with live performers, powerful professional bubble machines, synchronised speakers, smoke machines, lazer shows ..and you'll be supporting great charitable causes at the same time (check here for more details)

Bubble Gun Nerd Stuff:
#2 The large volume of bubbles coming from this gun is genuinely surprising!
Bubble Gun's are notoriously easily damaged. 
#3 The Jaws of this bubble gun extend and protect the hoop from knocks and bumps. Its the most sensitive part, once its been knocked they normally stop working correctly. 
#4 The casing is far more durable than the easily cracked casing on most guns i've used in the past.
#5 Three (included) batteries mean you can use it longer, also the battery cover which is a usual weak spot is nice and strong.

All bubble guns need to be held fairly level when bubbling. If you point them directly up or down it will leak and you'll get wet and soapy (regardless of what the adverts say)