2pm 23rd March 2019 - Groningen

'It's like the most epic words in the dictionary just had a baby' - Andy

'The person looking at you in the mirror on the 24th will be cooler because they were at an once-in-a-life-time Dino Bubble Street Party yesterday. Now and Forever!' - also Andy

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Minimum 300. Goal 5,000!

  • 10%funded
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The Worlds Coolest Bubble Gun!

How this works?

  • Pre-order a Fab-tastic Dino Bubble-Gun

    300 supporters is the minimum amount needed to make this project go. If we don't reach it your purchase will be refunded.

    5,000 is the goal, to create an bubble filled experience which will live on urban legends, and your dreams, for decades! .

    ..also, you'll be a World Record holder!

  • Tell Everyone!!!

    We can ONLY reach our goal if YOU get active, and there are big discounts available for helping!

    See below for details.

  • Collect your DINO-BUBBLE GUN and PARTY

    Your bubble guns will be available for collection in cafe's around the city on the day.

    You will have more fun if you wear a costume (always!) 

    DANCE to the hot dance tracks and BUBBLE-ROAR having an epic  adventure with thousands of other Bubble Dancers!!

Discounts for helping bake this pie!

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    You can combine discount codes and early supporter discounts.

    Act fast and get everything for JUST 5 EURO

  • Inviting your friends to the FB event = e2.50 discount

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    here's a 1-click guide to save you time

  • Receive your Codes

    Share screen shots after each action in the Dino Bubble Dance page on The Public Happiness Platform to receive your discount codes.

    Enter the page and click the icon next to 'wall'

    Ctrl+PrtSc to copy your screen. Ctrl+V to paste in the forum

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Is it family-friendly?

Absolutely, Dinosaurs, Bubbles, Dancing and World Records are for absolutely everyone!

Where is the meeting point?

The location in Groningen City will be announced closer to the date on The Public Happiness Platform (which is also a great place to meet positive new people and take action to build a happier world around you)

Can i get more involved in The Public Happiness Movement?

Absolutely! Our platform is just launching and we're looking for Community Leaders all around the world to help creating a happier, safer and more connected world. Join the Public Happiness Platform and introduce yourself

Focallocal asking for ££$$EE?

Focallocal has been supported for the past 7 years by founder Andy freelancing in his spare time, so the project could be purely money free, just people coming together to bring well-being and happiness to their local community. As the community grows it's become too expensive to carry on that way so we decided that one paid activity a year was the way forwards to keep servers running and other altruistic projects. This seemed like a fantastically positive way to do that. 

This is a protest?

Yes. This is a 'Party Protest', The most awesome and positive way to draw attention to an issue, and we want the world to know that there are better alternatives to a GDP based society

We are partying to call for a society based on your well-being and happiness, rather than money and chasing endless profit

Although the Dino-Bubble World Record will occur at the 'More Happiness Protest' and define it's epic atmosphere, the event and shop are separate entities for legal reasons

Protesting for More Happiness.. How does that work?

The protest is for our societies to be primarily based upon measures of well-being and happiness, rather than GDP. Basically for governments and councils to put you and the people you care about first, with corporate profits and wealth being just one factor measured, rather than the base of our societies. 

It's time for change. GDP is not producing a healthy world, and changing to measures of well-being and happiness is the key to solve every single societal issue you care about: global warming, homelessness, poverty, high crime rates, corruption, improving education, mental health support, end of life care, loneliness, traffic, WAR... i can't think of a single issue it wouldn't vastly improve. If you think you can, or get involved join the discussion here 

You can read more here about measures of well-being and happiness which a healthier society could be founded on if you're interested

What if it Rains?

The it will become an Umbrella Dino Bubble-Gun Street-Dance Party World Record!

Our buddies the DDP showing you whats coming

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